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Certificates and technical characteristics


Technical characteristics   

The chemical composition of paintings and mouldings: PVC.
Cloth thickness 0,15 - 0,35 mm   

Weight 180-320 g / sq. m   

Average sound absorption - 0,4  

Tensile strength - 30 N (in both directions)
Withstands pressure up to 1000 Pa   

Elongation at break - 220%   

The coefficient of light absorption - from 30% ("lacquer") to 95% (under suede)  


This material is fireproof (meets international classification M1)  The membrane's properties when the temperature is below zero degrees Celsius. The material hardens and becomes fragile but as soon as the temperature increases above 0 degrees the membrane recovers its flexibility. The destruction of the material begins only at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius.
The PVC is heat-proof. It retains strength up to 90 degrees Celsius.

 There are more than 10 different textures of stretch ceilings: matte, satin, satin with anti-microbial treatment, varnished, lacquered perforated, metallic, marble, leather-like, wood-like, suede-like. For each type of texture there is a number of different colours and sub-types. All together there are up to 160 kinds of stretch ceilings.

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