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Interior design ideas

About stretch ceilings

The illusion of a greater space

Light colors of stretch ceilings give a sense of increasing heights. It feels like the ceiling dissolves above your head. It is almost visually imperceptible.

At the same time, the use of dark colors makes the ceiling visually "disappear". The reflection of the room in the ceiling creates the illusion of having a second floor. Dark-colours ceilings do not have a contrasting border with walls. Reflecting the wall, they create a smooth transition between the ceiling and the wall. Reflections of the lamps on the wall perform an interesting play of light. That is a powerful effect. With a help of a good designer you'll be able to get truly amazing results!


Enhancing chandeliers

Stretch ceiling of dark colors is a powerful designer's tool that enhances the effect of the lamp or chandelier. Reflection of a glass chandelier or chandeliers with crystals on the surface of the ceiling makes the room look specially refined. It emphasizes the beauty and intricasy of the element


Effect of transforming the space

The unique opportunity of placing any type of images on the ceiling will offer you an unexpected pleasant sensations emanating from the interior. A good designer, no doubt, will make a good use of such a decorative tool!


The wave effect

The possibility to create three-dimensional surfaces using stretch ceilings allows creating ceilings in form of half-sphere or a tape "gliding" in the air, etc. You will cherish those natural forms!


Sky effect

Stretch ceilings allow designers and architects to cover huge spaces (large halls, indoor swimming pools, domes, etc.). The cost of such solution is attractively modest. Surely it puts the stretch ceiling technology ahead of the competition!


Exquisite detail of your favorite space

Installing ceiling as an architectural fragment in places like dining rooms, bars, bathrooms etc adds to the room a very appealing and intriguing piece of decor that will please both the visitor and the host. This detail will help emphasize the valuable, strengthen the favourite, expand the narrow, and transform the ordinary. A competent designer has many ways to utilize it in his work.


Luminous ceiling

The transparent film allows you to create a luminous ceiling. In particular, it is effective in areas lacking natural light. Fluorescent lamps are placed behind the ceiling. Your experience of being in such a space will be truly extraordinary! Besides, it is relatively easy to dismantle and re-install stretch ceilings. So cleaning and replacing the lamps is not a big deal!


A powerful combination

Stretch ceilings go well with a ceilings made of plasterboard. Such combination can significantly enrich the look of the ceiling.

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