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Stretch ceilings. Are they expensive?

About stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings. Are they expensive?

"NO" and " Yes ".

"No" it is inexpensive
When we talk about large surfaces to cover (1600 sq. ft and more) the cost of stretch ceiling will be lower than that of traditional gypsum plasterboard or suspended ceilings . If you wish to create a ceiling with a complex form, such as a wave-shaped or hemi-spherical ceiling the cost of stretch ceiling will find no rival starting from 500 sq. ft. When comparing cost efficiency of different ceiling types, expenses like materials and labour should not be the only considered aspects. Other indirect factors have a significant impact on the costs: the installation of stretch ceilings requires less use of lifting equipment and it is cleaner (which means smaller expenses for removal of debris and cleaning). Also you will save much money on delivery and unloading.

"Yes" it is expensive.
Sometimes stretch ceiling is more expensive than other solutions. In projects where the interior seeks to please a more upscale clientele (for example, luxury offices and condos, restaurants, public buildings of special importance etc.), the design can require a greater investment.
Furthermore, in many situations the unique technical properties offered by the stretch ceiling override the higher cost concerns: water and moisture resistance, acoustical, bio-proof, light weight (no significant additional load on the building structure) and high fire rating.

Please see for yourself whether or not stretch ceiling technology is affordable. We believe it is!

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