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Welcome to BZ systems Inc.

Our mission:
• To offer our clients expertise & excellence in the design, installation and servicing of stretch ceiling systems.
• To serve the community of architects and interior designers in Quebec as a passionate promoter and an advocate of the stretch ceiling technology.

Our Team is made up of professionals, some with over 15 years of international experience. Being a relatively new company here in Quebec (2007), we are determined to make a substantial contribution to the art of building decor by adding the stretch ceiling technology to the "toolbox" of architects and interior designers.
BZ systems Inc is the dealer of Newmat in Quebec. Our office is situated on the South Shore of Montreal (Brossard).

BZ systems Inc has successfully developed and currently offers five different systems of stretch ceilings: "Wall-to-wall", “Luminous stretch ceiling , " Clouds",  “Dalle plafonds lustrees” , “Unique solutions” and “Related systems.”

"Wall-to-wall" system was the original technology in building decoration.  It became popular and is still widely used in Europe and Asia. This popularity is accounted for by the standards used in construction in those regions where all the wiring and plumbing is located within the walls or under the floor surface.  This system has a limited application in North America, as most wiring and plumbing is installed in the ceiling space.  Thus "Clouds" and “Dalle Plafonds Lustrees” systems, which allow easy access to the ceiling area became more wide spread here.

Luminous stretch ceiling system is in demand all around the world.  This type of ceilings can be found in stores of many world known companies such as Apple, Mac Costmetics and others.

As mentioned before "Clouds" system is the one most used in North America. The name “Cloud” reflects the main characteristics of this type of technology of stretch ceilings which permits to give different shapes to the ceiling space ranging from standard rectangulars to sails executed in 3D dimension.  

“Dalle Plafonds Lustrees” is a relatively new offer, although it incorporates some standard elements such as membrane stretched over a frame.

Unique solutions is a telling name as the technology offers a wide range of colours as well as a diversity of textures of the membrane to satisfy the most original designs.  Of course, the knowledge and the expertise of our team allow our clients to realise their most daring ideas.

Related systems are not stretch ceilings per se, but accessories such as lighting for « Luminous stretch ceiling”, special frames for “Cloud” stretch ceilings, joints for different texture materials and others.

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