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The double-layer system


The  double-layer system

Translucent stretch ceilings have gained great popularity among North American designers and architects. In the USA, Canada and particularly in Quebec numerous ceilings have been installed. One of the most recent of those projects was the construction of the  Trading Firm Offices in Chicago executed by a dealer of Newmat USA Ltd. For this facility, as well as in similar projects, an innovative technology developed for translucent ceilings by Newmat was used - the double-layer system. The double-layer system ensures that no debris, dust, or other particles are accumulated and possibly seen on the finished ceiling. The resulting unified and serene visual flow provides an aesthetically pleasing even luminosity.

Let's have a closer look at the system, taking as example translucent ceilings installed in Montreal, in the  MAC Cosmetics stores.

Once the plasterboard niche in the ceiling is ready and painted white, the lighting fixtures are mounted. In order to ensure an even light distribution, the distance between the light bulbs (horizontally) should not exceed the distance between the light bulbs and the ceiling membrane (vertically). Lighting fixtures should only  be chosen from reliable manufacturers, of the same light type (blue or yellow) and preferably in size T5.

The next step is to install a railing to support both ceilings along the perimeter. The double-layer system involves the installation of two ceilings.  One above the other. The upper ceiling prevents any small pieces chipped off the plaster ceiling or dead insects from falling onto the lower layer. The lower ceiling is the visible one. Therefore, a double rail is used. It is formed by a classical rail (top) and an invisible/"ghost" rail (bottom) put together.

After the railing is installed and the lighting fixtures are checked, the two ceilings are mounted: the upper one first,


then the lower one.



The translucent stretch ceiling installed with the double-membrane system requires little maintenance and only the bulbs must be replaced every 4-5 years *. Our specialists will be happy to provide such professional service.

Plafonds Nouveaux Horizons Inc. is located in Montreal and currently, we offer replacement and cleaning services to a large number of supermarkets and showrooms.

* Translucent ceiling systems with a single layer of fabric require cleaning  every 12 to 18 month. That implies disassembly, cleaning and re-assembly. So, a two-layer ceiling may be a more profitable solution in a long run.

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