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Types of stretch ceilings

About stretch ceilings
Lacquer/ gloss  offers unique reflecting properties to surfaces
Decorative ceilings
luminous ceiling system
designers and architects understand the role of color when they work on interior designs
Perforated ceilings have many interesting applications.

Choice of colours

The colour pallet of stretch ceiling membrane is very wide. It ranges from white to black. For exquisite interior there is a number of pastel colors. There are as well strong, dark and bright colors with a powerful impact on the interior. Collection has various texture and designer ceilings.

Of course, designers and architects understand the role of color when they work on interior designs. However, we would like to point your attention to the particularity of visual perception of the lacquer stretch ceilings. Light pastel colors give a sense of air and weightlessness. In contrast to dull mundane paint stretch ceilings of dark colors do not "bring down" the ceiling, but give a strong effect of added space above you. This is something that is important to consider.

Choice of finish (satin, matte, lacquer)

There are several kinds of finishes of the membrane which are available in any color.

  • Matte distinguished by its even soft distribution of light. It has a look of a perfectly  painted surface.

  • Satin adds visual depth to an interior. To describe its soft pastel surface one can use analogy of  a misty morning or water mixed with milk.

  • Lacquer/ gloss  offers unique reflecting properties to surfaces.


This type of membrane allows implementing luminous ceilings of practically any size or shape. To create a luminous ceiling system designer may use any type of lighting fixtures: fluorescent, cold cathode, LED's, color change, fiber optics, light cannons, etc.  

Material textures (wood, metallic, leather etc)

Decorative ceilings can have texture of wood, stone, leather, metallic etc. The membrane for that kind of ceilings is usually thick and durable which allows it to be used  for creating walls and other elements of interior design.

Special ceilings (acoustical, antibacterial, perforated)

  • Acoustical membranes are used to improve sound-proof properties of spaces.

  • Antibacterial types are widely utilized in pharmaceutical and medical buildings.

  • Perforated ceilings have many interesting applications. Thank to the perforation such ceilings have an original appearance. They can be back lit. Often they work unexpectedly spectacular in combination with other types of membrane. Besides, perforated ceilings can function as a large ventilation grille.

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