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Stretch ceilings as a part of brand identity

About stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings as a part of brand identity

Stretch ceiling is a self-sufficient, effective and aesthetic interior design component, gaining more and more popularity with today's top designers.  To create a branding for a store of a well-known trademark, architects now use stretch ceilings as an integral part of the new look.

Interiors of MAC Cosmetics and Apple may serve as a good example.

Choosing high quality lighting, necessary for MAC Cosmetics stores, the architects opted for translucent stretch ceilings. An enormous stretch ceiling light dome has become an ideal solution. It provides the necessary light, sufficient to suit the needs of high-end cosmetic stores of the company whose brunches can be found all over North America, Europe, Asia. And everywhere stretch ceiling is an essential functional element of brand style either as a light box or a rectangular portion of the ceiling.


The Apple stores stores introduced stretch ceilings into their design as a symbol of the era of progress, of new technologies and new materials. The resemblance between the sleek surfaces of both the Apple products and the stretch ceilings might be what have inspired the architects. The high level of aesthetic quality and performance of the Newmat ceilings fits perfectly with the image of the leader in computer technologies and with their brand.


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