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Luminous stretch ceiling



Luminous stretch ceiling  


Recently translucent stretch ceilings with lighting became very popular in North America.  The installed behind the stretch ceiling lights create an impression of a lit sky or large light dome.  Often this type of ceiling is executed in shapes of straight or curved lines.

The double-layer system. To create such an affect the ceiling space must be “pristine.”   The presence of any dust, pieces of unremoved construction materials or insects can be clearly visible and it spoils the visual effect. In order to prevent this, a system of double-layer ceiling has been developed. To read more on Double ceiling >>>



Shape and Installation Features  

Generally Luminous stretch ceiling is a wall-to-wall flat surface inserted in the ceiling niche. When the stretch ceiling repeats the shape of the entire ceiling it creates a Hi Tech design style. Rarely this technology is used to create shapes as the double-layer system is not meant for this type of design.  Sometimes luminous stretch ceilings are executed vertically in the wall space.

In the project Construction d'un débarcadère et d'une nouvelle aire commerciale dans la jetée domestique à l'aéroport international Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau de Montréal "Provancher Roy +associes architectes" firm used Luminous stretch ceiling on the wall of the airport building to create a 50m long horizontal light line.

Interior designers and architects that plan to use such type of ceiling in their projects should always take into account the necessity of maintenance of the ceiling membrane as well as light fixtures.  Light fixtures and other ceiling elements’ positioning should be carefully planned to avoid creating shades in the ceiling.


Colours and Textures

Colour range used for Luminous stretch ceiling is quite limited.  Most common tone is white.
Translucent properties of the film vary from 60% to 92% of light infiltration. The width of the film for Luminous stretch ceiling ranges from 148cm to 320 cm and the film comes with matte or satin finish.


Technical Specifications  

Important technical aspect in translucent ceiling design is the choice of lights and their positioning.  The picture demonstrates the optimal size and the position of the lights.

LED lights are the best choice as they are energy-saving (up to 50%), long lasting (5-6 times longer exploitation) and less expensive (by 20%) in the long run compared to fluorescent.In addition the wide angle of light distribution allows reducing the distance between the lights and the film by 40% thus giving a higher ceiling.  This factor often serves as decisive in architectural decision making. BZ systems Inc can help you with the purchase of lights of your choice as well as assist with other matters.

Translucent ceilings are very sensitive to the presence of any foreign elements.  Small insects, dust, paint particles etc. can be clearly seen spoiling the visual effect of such a ceiling. (Read more on double-layer system). Double film layer as well as sealing of the ceiling space is the solution to this problem.

BZ systems Inc is the dealer of Newmat in Quebec.




Cost and Terms

In spite of the fact that "Wall-to-Wall" stretch ceiling is the most basic system, its cost cannot be calculated based on price per square meter. There are many factors that determine the price in each particular case, such as:
Size of the ceiling area;
Number of film layers ( The double-layer system New Mat );
3. Perimeter length;
4. Number of angles;
5. Number of inserted elements such as light fixtures, sprinklers, etc;
6. Type of selected film;
7. Type of selected rail mount;
8. The presence of curved lines;

Different combinations of these elements result in different price range.  The estimation cost can be given only upon the presentation of the design project as well as information of the space size.

Contract terms and deadlines are also determined by mentioned above factors.  To obtain more detailed information contact our specialists for a consultation to discuss different options before the project begins.

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